Your-Tool was founded in Austria, in 2006. Since then, with their patented technologies in micro punching and carbon fiber manufacturing they are able to produce complete mechatronic and pneumatic controlled assemblies. With these technologies they are able to secure their market share. They succeed at this with our highly qualified team, the know-how of their leadership and technical equipment, to cover all work steps from development, to construction until production and commissioning. The YOUR-TOOL leadership team is committed to constantly improving  their systems and their process. They distinguish themselves by offering technical flexibility and punctual completion of their customer requests from development to production.

KMS LTCC - Punching Tool


  • Carbon structure for precision, although light weight
  • 288 up D 0.080 Pin
  • Includes alignment Pin Toll 16up

LTCC Single or Duo-Tool for UHT - Punching Machine


  • Carbon structure for precision, although light weight
  • No linear expansion at temperature fluctuations
  • CFK has a very low density up to 1,65 kg/dm³
  • Temperature resistance at continuous load

Carbon Components

YOUR TOOL parts have Carbon components with many benefits cited above, besides vibration absorbance at high number of strokes >400/min !