all4-PCB is a company with a global team of experienced printed circuit board (PCB) industry veterans.
We are a high-end equipment manufacturer that has diversified into providing a variety of services to the PCB industry, LTCC industry and Chemical Milling industry.

all4-PCB (North America) Inc.

all4-GP (North America) Inc.

What we do:

Provide a large variety of cost conscious, state-of-the-art, process equipment

Technically support the equipment that we sell with a dedicated team
of regionally located service engineers

Stock a large inventory of spare parts in order to readily support our customers

Offer consumable products for high tech needs

Selling a piece of equipment to a customer is often about selling an entire
process solution. At all4-PCB we understand this expectation and do our best
to offer not only the equipment, but a “solution”

Our global overview and teamwork provides many benefits to our customer base. The key capability is that we are in the position to source economical yet quality products and process solutions with a global reach.