YOHOtek  was founded in Taiwan to supply the market with punchers and cutters, among other products, for the LTCC market. Their philosophy addresses  “Sustainable development”, “technologies and services to meet customer demand”, “strengthening the effectiveness of core technical services”, and “development of the highest-grade products on the market” to provide the industry with better, more economical efficient equipment. Looking to the future, Yohotek plans to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities, maintain a customer service attitude, create a profitable and sustainable business and continue to pursue the best products and technologies.

9902L Green Tape Cutter


  • High accuracy in X, Y, Z and Ø
  • Heated Blade
  • Heated Cutting Table
  • Side Alignment

9622 Termination System


  •  Compact Footprint
  •  High Accuracy Doctor Plate
  •  Auto Paste Feed Standard (silver or copper)