Yamauchi has a long history for producing a wide range of quality products over the years. Press pads are vital to circuit board manufacturing and can mean the difference between good quality boards and those that aren’t acceptable by the end user.However, these pads become costly, being used once and tossed, creating large amounts of waste, inventory, and problems. Reusable press pads from Yamauchi solve those issues while providing excellent quality and cost. These pads are ideal for pin-less lamination systems, but may be used with pin-lam as well depending on conditions and needs.

Yamauchi YOM Pad


YOM pads are designed to provide steady heat lag and exceptional pressure distribution across the size of the panel. The pads were designed to replace the need for traditional Kraft paper and other single use press materials and come in many different thicknesses depending on the desired heat lag for individual processes. Most frequently, they are used in rigid board layups, but can be used for flex and rigid flex as well. They are made to last hundreds of press cycles depending on pressure, time, and temperature of the lamination cycle. Traditional reusable pads have shown issues with leaking ooze and containing silicon. These pads are made from Fluorine and have no outgassing or leaking of any kind –  meaning that no chemicals end up contaminating the circuit board or lamination press.

Yamauchi FB Pads


FB pads are fluorine rubber pads specifically made to work directly against the flex or rigid flex boards. They are softer than YOM pads and provide heat lag as well as conformance to board topography. Since the pads are made of Fluorine rubber, they also act as a release layer and therefore eliminate the need to use release during lamination – thus reducing cost and time spent adding extra layers. Also lasting hundreds of cycles, these pads do not leak or release any chemicals and are safe to use on all types of products in a lamination press.