Wuchine was established in 2012 in Taiwan as the international sales arm for Qualipac packaging equipment – both companies having the same ownership. Qualipac moved from Taiwan to mainland in China as early as 1994. Since its inception, Qualipac has been committed to the development of automatic vacuum packaging equipment to enhance PCB, wafer, and electronic product packaging yield. The company has an excellent core technology, such as instantaneous thermal heating box, horizontal double feeding and low-temperature vacuum drying. With continuous improvement in innovation and development, the company now has customers all over the world along with a good network of sales representatives.

SP Series Vacuum Protective Packaging Equipment


  • Impulse heating rod method
  • Expandable with staging area for increased productivity
  • Lower power consumption
  • Low vacuum pump noise level

VP Series Vacuum Bag Packaging Equipment


  • Manual to automatic systems available
  • Optional Nitrogen purging
  • Combination of SP machine vacuum packaging together with VP vacuum bag packaging can provide 100% vacuum protection

Vacuum Drying Chambers


  • With shelves inside or roll in rack loading oven versions
  • Drying of prepreg material or fiished boards prior to vacuum packaging
  • Heating up to 158F under vacuum is possible
  • Significantly shorter drying times possible