Shenzhen Siwo Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (Sowotech) is a Sino-foreign cooperative company focusing on research and development, design, manufacture and service of high-tech automation equipment. The company focuses on the development of high-performance, automated production equipment for the PCB and FPC markets as well as touch screen applications. The most important products for the PCB market are the automatic cut-sheet laminator technology, the mylar peeling equipment and material automation solutions in general. The employees are outstanding, young, enthusiastic, and are the driving force and source of the company’s long-term development.

FCM-30 & 30H


  • Dryfilm laminators available for all applications
  • Thin flex 25 micron + Copper
  • Back panels up to 0.5”
  • Large width machines
  • Integration with preheater & post laminator for turn-key, process recipe- controlled film lamination process

Mylar Peeler PL-25


  • Double side peeling of mylar film
  • Auto centering at entrance
  • Very reliable peeling utilizing knurling wheel, auto sticky tape lift & mechanical grippers
  • Row of photosensors pick up any mispeel situation
  • Mispeeled panels are stored in a buffer
  • 50 micron cores to 7mm thick panels


Preheaters and Post Laminators


  • Preheaters help increase process window with thick panels
  • Post laminators help dryfilm conformance and adhesion on uneven topographies
  • Top cover opens for easy access for cleaning
  • Heat transfer via heated rollers


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