all4-PCB is a proud distributor of Sigma. The Sigma Group stands for engineering with experience for more than 25 years. With the headquarters in Karlstad, Sweden, their product portfolio contains equipment for on-site recycling of alkaline and acidic etching solution. Equipment from Sigma has a short payback period (usually 6-18 months) and helps increase the profitability of the user. Combined with modern material technologies, Sigma produces high quality equipment, high reliability, low downtime, easy to clean, corrosion proof and low cost of ownership. They combine renown professionals from the equipment, chemistry and yield management fields, with interconnect process equipment and ecological recycling technologies.

Sigma Mecer Etchant Recycling Systems


  • Processes available for both alkaline and cupric etching
  • Solvent extraction method of the Copper and subsequent Copper electro-winning
  •  No replenisher needed for the alkaline process
  •   Oxygen regeneration of the cupric etchant; no dangerous, toxic oxidation processes needed
  • Excellent etching process control due to continuous feed of fresh etchant
  • Copper being removed from rinse water as well –water consumption saving
  • No replenisher etchant needed
  • Cu slabs 99.9% pure are generated – sold at market price

Oxygen Cupric Etchant Regeneration


  • Significantly reduced cost for the oxidation process
  • No need for using hazardous oxidation chemicals
  • No risk for generation of chlorine gas
  • Improved etching quality
  • Improved working environment
  • Reduced emissions to the environment


Cross sections below show how the etching results are improved when using an Oxidation Reactor system