SHODA TECHTRON CORPORATION was founded in 1957, in Japan. The company has years of experience supplying finishing equipment to the printed circuit board fabrication industry, with a staff of 70 in their Hamamatsu facility. In 1979, Shoda developed the world’s first V scoring machine for the PCB industry and has since added multilayer finishing equipment and panelization systems. Beginning in 1985, they have exhibited it in Chinese, European and in the North American trade shows with a good success.

Optical V-scoring Equipment MVC-630M

Features of the NEW MVC- 630 M:

  • Direct recognition of the marking or tooling holes leads less deviation between V-score lines and the patterns of the panel
  • θ offset after measuring markings or tooling holes
  • Edge reference is available (Max. 6 panels can be load in 1 cycle)
  • Without Loader/Rotation/Unloader and PC rack, floor space can be saved
  • High accurate jump score
  • Clamp the panel for stable pitch and web-thickness accuracy
  • V-scoring on multi-pattern panels (before routing/punching) enables to produce various shapes of boards
  • High-speed process of metal base PCB (aluminum, copper, etc) is available

Pin V-scoring equipment MVP-630A

Features of the MVP- 630 A Pin V-
scoring system:

  • Manual loading
  • Area sensor for safety
  • Z-axis control by servo system
  • Clamp system for this panels
  • 100 V_score lines in one Axis

Laminate cutting equipment ACS-1500NCIII


  • Cuts stacked panels up to 15 laminates with 1500mm stroke

Shear or Saw Beveler - SRS 700AII

Features of the compact sized semi-auto shear/beveler:

  • Less floor space
  • Corner cutting (1~4 corners)
  • High accuracy with servo rotation system
  • Pin registration
  • Cutter life display
  • 100 data memories storage

Auto laser thickness tester - ITL-700A


  • Non contact measuring system
  • Hoist unloader for rejected panels to avoid scratches
  • High accuracy
  • 9 measuring points per panel

Manual thickness tester - IT- 400M


  • Performs accurate measurements of panel thickness with surface-contact system
  • Edge to measuring point: up to 400mm (15.75″)
  • Panel Thickness: Max.5mm(0.197″)

Auto corner beveling machine (*ACM-700II*)


  • Yield up
  • Automatic beveling for 4 corners (Pat.)
  • 50% increase in production, compared to the former type
  • Compact, high-frequency low noise level with Techtron motor
  • Low energy consumption and quiet workshop environment
  • Automatic cutter height adjustment

Edge beveler AF-100

Features of the Edge Beveler AF-100:

  • Good for panels in variety and small quantity
  • Compact type; less floor space
  • Gold edge bevels available (subject to cutter changes)
  • Vacuum extractor equipped inside


Features of the DFL 700W:

  • Extraordinary performance with high speed
  • Good for panels in wide range of sizes
  • Auto loader/unloader
  • Automatic blade height adjustment
  • Rotary diamond blade ensures fine edge quality
  • Drilled/Undrilled panel

Gold Finger SF-2000

Features of Gold-Edge Beveler SF 2000:

  • High speed bevel, less noise level and less floor space
  • Stable bevel portion
  • Easy angle adjustments with dial gauge
  • Vacuum extractor equipped inside