SAT has been supporting the European PCB industry for more than 25 years. Besides being a value-added distributor for high-end PCB machinery, SAT has ventured into building specialized equipment.

Vacuum Laminator DPL24A

SAT Electronic Vertriebs GmbH adopts the production of the DPL24A Vacuum Laminator in 2021

Optek was purchased by Thorlabs in 2019. At Thorlabs, everything revolves around measuring systems, and therefore the former Optek product line was adopted by Thorlabs. However, for the DPL24A Vacuum Laminator, Thorlabs did not see any synergy effects. Based on the great and long-standing relationship between the CEOs of both Optek GmbH and SAT Electronic GmbH they both decided that it would be best if SAT adopted this line of production from now on.

Conformance Lamination

  • ¬†Lamination for 3D topographies
  • ¬†Coverlay lamination for flex PCBs
  • Lamination of Silicon cells
  • Solder mask, primary resist dryfilms
  • Sequential circuit layer build-up dryfilm dielectric