Print Process AG was founded in 1990 by Hartmut Maurer. The first product was equipment for high layer count pinless multilayer technology. In fact, Print Process was the first company to introduce this technology to the PCB market. Today Print Process can reflect on more than 30 years experience with this technology that is only now gaining ground in North America. This deep experience related to registration requirements enables them to be a significant leader in the market of pinless registration for ML build up. Additionally, Print Process has established themselves as a leader in high-end imaging technology using LED light sources for both direct imaging machines and contact exposure technology. Again registration know-how is a core competence. Manufactured in Switzerland to the highest quality standards, Print Process has been an enduring supplier to the global PCB market. 

Modular Expandable LED Direct Image Technology


- Manual front load
- 1 to 7 LED exp. Heads
- Multi wave length (patented)
- Best in class registration

- Double side exposure with panel flipping & one exposure chamber
- Code reader integration
- Best in class registration

- Double side exposure with two exposure chambers
- Code reader integration
- Best in class registration

Multilayer Lay-up, Registration and Bonding Technology

4 camera lay-up and prebonding (rigid flex)
IL, coverlay


Prepreg dispensing
IL dispensing

Dispenser & Dispomat

4 camera lay-up registration
Rivet & Bonding


- Post Etch compensation tooling hole drill machine
- Back to front registration checking
- Manual or fully automated


- Automatic Rivet & Bonding
- Up to 100 pnl/h


ML riveting machine