PENTAGAL has 30 years of experience in the construction of Hot Air Leveling Systems. The company has built hundreds of manual Hot Air Leveling Systems since 1982 and is one of the leading companies in lead-free technology.  As a “global player”, the share of exports is as high as 80% with markets in North America, Japan, China, Brazil, Mexico and most European countries. The compact 550 and 580 Penta Hot Air Leveling Systems were built so that noise and fumes could be isolated. Being first with diagonal Hot Air Leveling, Pentagal set worldwide standards. Innovation, user and customer orientation, highest quality, space saving and non-pollution have been the objectives of PENTAGAL. Based on these premises, the vertical Hot Air Leveling System was created followed by the first automatic vertical Hot Air Leveling System in the world.

Hot Air Leveling Equipment - Manual Series (550 & 580)

500 Series - More than 100 units sold !


  • Extremely high reputation in the global market
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Compatible with Lead-Free solder
  • Solder tank can be rotated by 90º for service operations
  • 31” x 30” panel dimensions (Penta 580)
  • 400 Kg Solder Capacity
  • PLC controlled

Penta Automatic


  • Fully automatic vertical HASL system
  • Conveyorized fluxer and post cooling unit are integrated
  • Manual hot air leveling also possible (for special jobs, such as diagonal HASL)
  • Excellent maintenance access


Features of the HFL 650, 700 horizontal fluxes:

  • Stainless steel construction with plastic fluxing module
  • Flux-station is adjustable up to 5m / min
  • The pump consists of Titanium, Teflon and PE 1000
  • Laser sensors – no interference of the flux materials

Pentagal Fluxboy


  • The little brother of PENTA HFL 650, the PENTA fluxboy, has been constructed especially for customers with little space
  • The fluxboy can stand free or can be integrated into a production line
  • The body of the PENTA fluxboy is made out of plastic (synthetic material
  • The flux rolls are driven by a RPM-regulated motor, which is adjustable up to 5m/min or 15ft/min
  • The pump is made of Titanium and Teflon
  • The rolls are made from a special synthetic material which is chemically resistant
  • The level of the flux material is controlled by a min/max switch

Pentagal Penta-Wash


  • The Penta-Wash is made out of stainless steel and includes a roof light
  • A mesh layer holds back small particles of solder and residues of solder mud from the drain
  • The Penta-Wash includes a rotating retainer frame for the handling of the air knives. The air knives are fixed firmly and can be cleaned from both sides
  • All contaminated components like cover plates, screws, solder-pumps and tools are cleaned by the machine

Penta Cooler


  • Cools down to less than 100ºC
  • No marking by the conveyor system
  • Length of the unit can be defined