Founded in 1988, MSC Polymer is an international production-oriented service provider headquartered in Staufenberg, Germany, specializing in the development, production and distribution of high end plastics for the PCB technology. Their range of products includes semi-finished products, production materials and auxiliary materials for the printed circuit board industry: technical laminates, electrical insulating materials and transfer adhesives as well as special NE metals and plastic foils made from epoxy or acrylic resin, PTFE Teflon® or PET. Thanks to their research and development team and sophisticated machinery they are able to customize products, develop new ones and optimize the existing ones.

Laminating Aids

Heat Shield

Heat Shield is a lamination aid that is designed for high temperature systems for several hours. It provides some pressure distribution to help level out any imbalances caused from the press, press plates, and other materials being used. The pads leave no residue and have no silicone in them, leaving them safe to be used without any concern for contamination. Sheets can be cut and tooled to fit a specific process.

Release Film

FX50 - Resin Damming

FX50 is a high performance release film that is made from TPX. Its best trait is having very high conformability, leading to its use as a damming agent. Having a low phase transition temperature, the material becomes soft and begins conforming to the copper much sooner than any other material in the press cycle and before resin begins to flow. This ensures that resin is blocked from contamination areas of the board that it shouldn’t be reaching.

Teflon - TTF50

Teflon is a strong and resilient lamination material that can be used for release in higher temperature cycles. We can provide TTF50 in different thicknesses and dimensions depending on what you need. It has superb release properties, is inert and can be used to protect from contamination, doesn’t shrink, and maintains its malleability during process.