Founded in 1988, MSC Polymer is an international production-oriented service provider headquartered in Staufenberg, Germany, specializing in the development, production and distribution of high end plastics for the PCB technology. Besides providing a wide range of consumable materials to the global PCB industry, MSC developed a revolutionary cross section method that enables much more simple cross-sectioning for high-end requirements, such as 2 to 4 mil laser micro-vias.

Advantages of the MSC systems

  • Very high precision, i.e. also suitable for laser drilling
  • The microsection is standardized and can be executed quickly even by semiskilled personnel
  • High throughput volume is possible; a single person can process > 100 specimens/layers
  • Significant reduction of material consumption (sand paper, resin, etc.)

Cross sectioning process with two table top units

1) Precise milling machine with digital video camera system which prepares the coupon(S-OSR)

  • Easy handling with touch screen and computer mouse
  • High flexibility through parameter set up
  • Desktop design fits everywhere in your lab and process environment
  • All FR4 type and other base materials processable, also with heavy Copper Aluminum carrier
  • Maximum processable PCB thickness around 6 mm
  • Standard cutter: 2.4 (Shaft 3.175; spiral length 6-8 mm)
  • Coupon size: standard 21×10, maximum 30×14 mm
  • Additional holes in the  coupon possible

2) Z-axis controlled grinding and polishing machine (SPA)

Optional - Additional Three position polishing machine (MPA)


  • Defining the exact coupon location and cross section target area using the video camera
  • Milling the coupon from the circuit board
  • Inserting the coupons into specimen holders (pucks); no need for pinsFilling with casting resin
  • Fully automatic sanding and polishing to the center of the target holes with the SPA

Multifunctional desktop coupon router (OSR)


  • The OSR is a very flexible and handy milling machine for extracting coupons from printed circuit boards
  • All kind of base materials can be processed up to a thickness of 6 mm