As a manufacturer of custom-produced plating and industrial lines, MKV have focused on individual planning and manufacturing tailored to customer and process specifications since the company was founded. Their work is shaped by their experience and extensive, detailed knowledge, gained from decades of building systems for a wide variety of industries. Founded in 1992, MKV have always worked towards qualitative growth – both among our employees and in our production capacities. After gradually expanding production, and following an extensive planning process, they built a new company facility at their headquarters in the Franconian town of Allersberg in 2016 with 5,000 m2 in size. This allows them to optimize internal processes and shorten coordination channels. Today, their team is made up of around 80 qualified and ambitious specialists, supporting and serving our customers around the world.
By specially coordinating goods movements, LNG terminals, and shaker technology, even the smallest drill holes can be optimally flushed and coated. Specialized system technology ensures optimal layer thickness distribution, on both a micro and macro level.
By continuously monitoring all process parameters, such as temperatures, flow rates, conductance, pH levels, shaker function, and processing time, we are able to achieve an error rate of almost 0 ppm.
Custom electroplate and immersion processes available for all manufacturing capacity requirements