MicroCraft, established in 1972 in Japan, continues technological developments that allows MicroCraft to be a world leader in product advancements and customer satisfaction. MicroCraft takes pride in its moving probe testers, becoming the industry-wide standard for electrical testing, internationally. Microcraft continues developments with InkJet Printers supporting Soldermask, Legend and Etch resist inks. Other new ventures include advancements with TDR automated equipment achieving high-frequency capabilities. All4-PCB is a proud distributor of Microcraft tools and technology.

Flying Probe Testers Emma


  •  Offering a wide range of flying probe models
  • High speed EM8 model utilizing 8 probes
  • High accuracy for fine-pitch technology
  • Automation (unmanned operation) setup available
  • Advanced testing: kelvin (4-wire), Buried Resistor/Capacitance and HiPot testing options available

On demand Inkjet Printing Systems


  • CraftPix models are available in multiple configurations
  • High Quality and Speed Digital Printers can be offered
  • Large format with max panel size of 48”x44” available
  • Dual Ink Printing is available on the same unit
  • Supports most ink brands for solder masks, legends and Etch Resists

TDR and VNA Testers


  • Sarra impedance models for TDR testing
  • VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) automated high-frequency unit (5-G
  • Single end and Differential Probes available
  • Advanced probe designs (rotating and variable pitch) on-board testing
  • High frequency model E2V, E4V model that support external meters, Keysight Technologies and Rohde & Schwarz