Ludy Galvanosystems GmbH, located in Pirmasens, Germany, has decades of experience in the plating industry for PCBs and GMF. The company is known for its continuous innovation in the field of plating ever increasing difficult PCB technology as well as solid quality and equipment workmanship. Ludy’s presence in North America has been well established over the past two decades. Multiple hoist large plating systems to small customized, flexible Slimplate lines are available.

Compact, flexible SlimPlate Line


  • Linear drive systems for moving and lifting
  • Eco friendly covering of each tank
  • Innovative educator systems for exceptional plating performances
  • Increased intensity of vibrators by lamda curve control
  • Process possible without air injection
  • Flex circuit plating

Back view and Load, Unload Station


  •  Well organized and ergonomically arranged backside of lines
  •  With catwalk for larger lines
  • Small foot print load and unload stationWell organized and ergonomically accessible for maintenance

Example of High Productivity Line