As a family-owned enterprise, the KREMPEL-GROUP is an independent manufacturer of high-quality semi-finished products and a leading global system supplier of advanced materials. With its electrical insulations, solar materials, composites, electronic materials and special laminates, the group enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide and is the market leader in a number of business sectors. Approx. 1200 employees work in the group’s production facilities in Germany, England, Poland, Brazil and China. Distribution companies in Austria, Great Britain, the USA, Thailand and China ensure fast service locally. Acquired in 1911 in Vaihingen, a company came into being which in the course of its 140-year history has developed a vast range of know-how in dealing with papers, films, fibres, mica, resins, adhesives, and plastics.

Akaflex KCL Laminate


KCL is a two or three layer laminate material. It is composed of a polyimide film, with a copper foil sheet attached by an adhesive on either side of it. Different thicknesses of both the copper foil and the PI film can be provided. This laminate is also able to withstand up to 150°C; ideal for higher temp needs. KCL is also halogen free and meets UL94V-0.

KDF Coverlay


KDF is a coverlay or bonding film, containing a polyimide film coated with an adhesive on either one side for use with etched circuits, or both sides when used to produce high-grade multilayers. The thickness of both the PI and the adhesive can be adjusted as needed, and all materials are suitable for up to 130°C.

Bondply CDF


CDF provides excellent bonding of polymer films and connecting rigid components and flexible laminates with a no-flow resin. It consists of an epoxy resin adhesive film that is protected by paper sheets on both sides. At room temperature, CDF isn’t tacky and is flame retardant. Not only does it work well at bonding to polymers, but also to copper foil. The adhesive thickness can be adjusted, and is protected by a silicone treated paper on the front side and polypropylene film on the back.