ISP Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of non-destructive inspection equipment using X-ray fluorescence analysis technology. The company’s products and technologies help customers improve their product quality, performance, and core manufacturing processes. Their business segments are materials analysis, plating thickness
analysis, RoHS, WEEE, ELV compliant screening and in-line analyzers. They approach their work with the clear goal of “manufacturing innovative solution provider products” for their customers.

iTG-B10 Copper thickness gauge

Options and Features:

  • 4Pin probe electrical resistance method
  • 0.1-12 micron; 1.2 to 5 micron & 5-120 micron ranges
  • 1sec per point
  • Operated by laptop
  • Unlimited measurements

iTG-B500, 1000A Copper thickness analyzer


  • Semi-automatic to inline fully auto configurations
  • Copper plating uniformity analyzer (up to 1000 points)
  • 21 x 24” panel size
  • Same thickness ranges as iTG-B10

iEDX-150WT mp40


  • Plating thickness & Hazardous Materials Analyzer
  • All typical metal layer combinations
  • Cr, Br, Cd, Hg, Pb, Cl, Sb, Sn, S hazardous metals

iEDX-100L On-line liquid analyzer


  • Au, Ag, Pd, Cu, Zn solutions
  • Can be installed directly at the plating line
  • Continuous (real time) feed back of precious metal
  • Enables precise concentration control and thus
    optimizes costs
  • Approved equipment design by safety and security

iEDX-750T Auto PCB Ni/Au plating thickness analyzer


  • Au/Ni/Cu or Au/Pd/Ni/Cu applications
  • Camera for fiducial recognition
  • Up to 24 x 30” panel size