GroupUp was founded in 1990, in Taiwan. Their core technologies are focused in fields of hot air, infrared, ultraviolet, exposure, coating, roll to roll automation and line integration. They serve several markets like PCB, BGA, FPC, COF, LCD, Touch Panel, Back Light, Solar Cell and Optical Film industries. All developments take place to ensure the consistency and reliability of their products. Working with domestic and world wide operators and experts in the PCB and LCD photoelectric industry they will continue to develop new equipment process solutions. Creativity- Ambition- Mass Production- Standardization keep GroupUp moving forward.

Single and Double Chambers Ovens


  • Various types of carts and racks available
  • Single and double chamber ovens available in various sizes
  • Trolley rack loading or shelves
  • Various programming levels available for multi-step processes
  • Double over temperature protection
  • Trolley type, N2 Purge type, steam type available
  • Assembly and cleaning in clean room for clean oven

UV Curing Machine


  • Metal halide and mercury UV lamp available
  • Strong UV penetration
  • High UV intensity
  • Fast curing
  • Single and double sided unit available
  • Dual and single UV lamp units based on productivity needs

Vacuum Chamber


  • For degassing and debubbling applications
  • Various sizes available

IR Convection Heat Conveyorized Ovens

Applications and Features:

  • Solder mask drying
  • Marking cure
  • Silver paste drying
  • Pre-baking before lamination
  • Carbon pattern drying
  • Roll to roll drying
  • Variable length available & divided into separate heating zones
  • Various types of conveyorized convection ovens available

Wide range of conveyorized ovens


  • Hang ovens for thin materials
  • Frame ovens for material as thin as 50 microns total thickness
  • Rack tunnel ovens with entrance and exit doors for improved temperature control
  • Wicket ovens
  • Applications include:
    Solder mask drying and curing
    Oxide innerlayer baking prior to lamination

Roll to Roll Process Equipment

Winders & Unwinders with full process line integration
Dry film lamination


  • Winders & Unwinders
  • Dryfilm lamination
  • Exposure
  • Lamination
  • Curing & Baking