Barmu is a Taiwanese based company that has decades of experience with photoplotter technology for PCB applications. Besides the well known Super Gauge products for plotted film dimensional measurement, Barmu has also developed a very versatile instrument for measuring lines and spaces both on film and directly on PCB substrate.

MLG2000 - Line Width Measuring Instrument


  • Fixed magnification; fixed cantilever table, non-contact measuring design
  • Choice of single or dual camera for Different optical magnification
  • Simultaneously measuring the Upper and Bottom Line Width, easy to use
  • Auto-Measurement Upper / Bottom / Middle size of Line Width
  • Auto-Measurement Line Space; Auto-Measurement Line Width
  • Hole measurement ( Diameter)
  • Hole to Line Gap measurement
  • BGA/PAD Upper and Bottom size measurement
  • 2 Holes Center deviation measurement / Min. ring szie
  • Measurement data and picture can be saved
  • Measurement data support output Excel format

G2000-G2 Trace and Finger Width/Space Measurement


A u t o  M e a s u r e m e n t
F i x e d  M a g n i f i c a t i o n

  • Can save measurement data and picture
  • Auto-Measurement Top and Bottom and average size of Line Width, precise and stable
  • Auto-Measurement Line Width and Line Space
  • Hole measurement (Radius/Diameter)
  • Hole to Line space measurement
  • Concentric Hole center Deviation measurement
  • Easy to use and understand, user can get start quickly

barmu2               barmu3