AHK service & solutions was founded in 2005 by a group of technical engineers. Based on long-term experience in mechanical, electrical & process engineering, the focus was set on custom made equipment for coating and drying manufacturing processes. One key product that fits this description is the AHK spray coating and drying system that is used for processing solder masks in the PCB industry. Due to the long-term experience of the team, AHK has developed a robust, user-friendly process solution for this traditionally messy process.

Spray Coating Equipment

Benefits & Features:

  • Single or Double side coating
  • Overspray reduced system
  • Minimal cleaning & maintenance
  • Robust process for higher production volume requirements
  • Operation friendly
  • Chain and flat belt conveyor systems
  • Pressure pot, ink recirculation pumping or cartridge delivery systems

Modular Concept


  • Single side coater
  • Entrance conveyor with gap reduction
  • Double sided coater
  • Full line with integrated conveyorized oven