First EIE SA, Nyon Switzerland, was launched in 1979 in Geneva and is today associated with INSPEC INC. Japan. Over 36 Years of experience in Photoplotter Design. First EIE SA is marked by its resolve to systematically integrate the most advanced technologies with in the range of products that it develops and manufactures. First EIE marketing strategy continues to focus on advanced Imaging Technologies. With continuous improvement on photoplotter, new developments also take places within Inkjet and Direct Imaging systems. Founded in 1984, INSPEC INC. is the maker of visual inspection systems AOI and AVI. INSPEC INC. helps maintaining high quality by facilitating inspection of a variety of products. Inspec also contribute to the evolution and development of society as a whole in developing safe and confidence inspiring product.

Direct Imager EDI-500


  • DMD Optical Head, based on TI’s DLP chip with a dedicated active thermal management to improve DMD life time
  • The specifically designed optical lens is optimized to offer the highest image accuracy –
    It brings energy levels from 4 mJ/cm2 to 1 000 mJ/cm2
  • State of the Art Direct Image Projection, using TI’s DLP® chip
  • Photoplotter Backup is able to plot films: Line width down to 30 μm, Black density > 4.5
  • Optimized Light Source Unit designed for easy lamp replacement
  • Enhanced thermal management is embedded in the machine, there is no need of an external cooling unit
  • The EDI500 Direct Imager is compact with a small foot-print, low power consumption, and minimal maintenance requirements


There is a wide option of machines available for various applications


  • Single multi-beam STH head, powerful internal computer, keeps a maximum drum rotating speed of 110 rpm to avoid wear and vibrations
  • Proprietary MRLD array, the SDH head with precise beam equalization,  gives perfectly homogeneous and sharp spots (small as 4 μ)
  • Perfect Environment Control : Temperature and humidity monitoring; geometry control; dust protection
  • Vertical high capacity Auto-loading system: 1 x 150 films; 2 x 150 films; maximum film size : 28” x 36”
  • High throughput:  4’000 to 50’000 dpi; 512 beam STH head
  • Precise light beam equalization: line width variation within 2 μm at 12’000 dpi and above when optimum film processing conditions are met
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring: film instability for a 610 x 508 mm (24“x 20”) film size
  • 11 μm (0.4 mil) for a 1°C variation 7 μm (0.3 mil) for a 1% humidity variation
  • Remarkable stability and liability: Queue manager user interface
    Data input formats : RS274D, RS274X, EIE RPL and DPF
    Optional softwares : ODB++ LINK, AUTOFOS and EIE Postscript RIP
  • Automation: multiple format automatic; film loader with automatic film counter; films conveyor compatible with most film processors



  • Capable of printing up to 60 panels (20 x 24”) per hour at 75 micron lines and spaces
  • Warpage compensation: Elevation table clamps the panel edges and keeps the print surface at the same height whatever the panel thickness
  • Legend Registration: several segistration modes are available (fully automated using on-board CCD camera and target recognition software, pin alignment for fastest throughput and a combination of both modes
  • Serialization Dynamic Legend: print dynamic markings linked to legend files; markings are easily programmed by D-code mapping or by using our dedicated SERIMARK software interface
  • UV or Thermally Cured Legend Inks: optimal adhesion on most common solder masks with the new IMH512 Print Head
  • Jets the legend ink at very high frequency in “single wall” mode allowing to fire all 512 jets at the same time