all4-PCB in Switzerland is a company that builds high-end spray coating equipment for the PCB industry and other markets, such as photovoltaics and chemical milling. The company was formerly known as Kuster Engineering until 2001 and was a major supplier of solder mask coating & process equipment to the former global Probimer solder mask business of Ciba Geigy. This background in solder mask processing was translated to a new generation of spray coating equipment for solder mask processing. The equipment is available as a single sided spray module as well as full double side spray coating lines with integrated panel gap reduction units and conveyorized oven options. ” Talk to us about your ideas and visions – we help you solve your problems and achieve your goals. Your success is our goal”.

Spray Coating Equipment

Options and Features:

  • Addition to or replacement of pressure pot ink delivery to viscosity controlled ink reservoir with pump and filter
  • Second spray gun for fast product change
  • Gap reduction unit for zero gap coating of incoming substrate
    Cleaning unit for spray chamber parts and other parts in solder mask area
  • Capacity: up to approx. 4 panels/ min ds, depending on spray line configuration, panel length and integrated drying system
  • Substrate thickness 0,8 – 10mm (31 – 400mil)
    Width x length various, minimum 300 x 300 (12 x 12″) / maximum 760 x 1500mm (30 x 60″)
  • Uncoated panel edges reduce contamination of transport chains



  • Single sided and double sided conveyorized ovens available with various lengths
  • Convection air with optional IR rods for boosting the drying process
  • Multiple heating zones
  • Short drying cycle compared to vertical convection ovens or batch ovens
  • Batch ovens available from GroupUp, single and dual chamber ovens